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today in digital literacy we learnt about copyright issues and for our work shop we had to look at 3 different cases.

Case Study 1: this was about a song that George Harrison made called “My Sweet Lord” but did he borrow the idea for his song from Ronald Mack who wrote “he’s So Fine” which was performed by the Chiffons??

there are parts of his song that sounds like the song “he’s So Fine” but then there are parts that don’t . The lyrics are completely different too so i think this one is a hard call to say whether he did or not.

Case Study 2: in 1987 this artist called Lebbeus Woods created his version of the chair with a graphite pencil. What he drew was a chair that connected to the wall and it was in a big dark chamber. then around 8 years later when universal studios released a film called 12 monkeys right at the start of the movie when Joe (played by Bruce Willis) is taken in to a dark interrogation room he is told to sit in a chair, which looks like the same chair that woods drew. then when he sits down it then slides up a rail so that Joe is off the ground just like what the chair is doing in woods drawing.

i think that universal studios did copy this chair for a scene in this film because the whole room looks like the drawings wood made.

Case Study 3:oh so criminal by Keri Smith  was a response to the Australian Government’s “fair use and other copyright exceptions.

i think what Smith did was really cool but i think his work is illegal because all of the things he showed in the video were not all his so he sort of did steal other peoples property with out asking.


Art blogs

Posted on: April 7, 2009

Today when i set up my News Reader with blog lines i added 3 art blogs on to there for me to go back to at a later date or just keep an eye on them because i found them interesting.

when i went looking for some i found this one that was about artworks of a french painter and when i went into the site there were some amazing life drawings that i thought may help me or be inspirational to me because at the moment I’m not that great at it.

i also found a site of this really awesome photographer called Jeff Singer he had some really cool photos on there of people some in black and white and some in colour, photos of  just vans cars and people in the streets of a city in America which look really effective and lively.

these are five items i cna not live with out because i go crazy when i forget to charge them i would go very crazy if i didnt have them at all.


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